What’s next for Bollywood films?

India’s largest film studio, Cinemax, has reportedly started filming a remake of The Great Gatsby.

According to The Times of India, the film is being shot in the US.

Cinemax CEO and co-founder Satyajit Ray will oversee the film.

Ray said in a statement: The film will be produced and directed by the Indian director and screenwriter of the film, Ravi Shankar.

It is based on the novel by Joseph Heller, and has been hailed by critics as a “masterpiece” and “an inspiring example of how to tell a story with a strong, complex and compelling story.”

The Great Gampsby was released in 1984 and starred Timothy Dalton, Susan Hayward, Gatsbys sister-in-law, as the title character.

The film has also inspired many films of the same name in India, including Rajinikanth’s Ranji, Kishore Kumar’s Shatrughan, Salman Khan’s Karan Johar’s Aaraj, and the Oscar-nominated The Big Sick.

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