How to watch the Indian Commando Film on Blu-ray for $79.99

The newest addition to the Indian film industry is a Blu-Ray version of the original, 1971 film The Indian Commandos, starring Sam Worthington as a former Navy SEAL who, after he returns home, discovers that his father’s former commanding officer has been killed in action.

The film has been released in India for the first time since its release in India back in May, but it’s still not available for viewing on any of the major streaming platforms.

While many have criticized the film for being too dark and gritty for its time, the Indian commando’s original is still one of the most influential films of all time, so it’s understandable why it was so difficult to find a way to make the Blu-Rays available.

Fortunately, the producers behind The Indian Commando did just that.

They made a trailer that showed off some new scenes that you might not have noticed were missing in the original.

Now that the movie is available for streaming, the filmmakers are hoping to make a limited run of a limited number of units.

The limited run will include two versions of the movie that come with both the theatrical and digital versions.

These will cost $79,999 each, and will come with an audio commentary track that will tell you a bit about the film.

They’ll also include an exclusive poster of the film, and an additional digital copy of the Blu Ray.

Both the theatrical Blu-rays and the digital Blu-RAYs will come in a gatefold sleeve with a hologram of Sam Wortington.

The Blu-RAYS are the first movie on the BluRay to feature an exclusive interview with director James Cameron, and they’ll also come with the documentary, An Indian Commando, that tells the story of the war that resulted in the first nuclear tests in 1954 and the killing of a prominent Sikh leader.

The filmmakers hope that these new versions of The Indian Commander will help bring awareness to the film’s legacy and make it more widely available. 

While you can still see the original in the theaters, the film is only available for those who are also in the country to view it.

The movie’s release date has not yet been announced, but we can’t wait to see how this limited run works out.

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