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The most important movie about Star Wars is The Last Jedi, an anthology of the most important movies about Star War.

And I can tell you that it’s not even remotely as good as the original trilogy.

That title comes from the fact that this anthology, set in the years before the Return of the Jedi, is more of a compilation of films that could be considered prequels to the films that make up the final trilogy.

It’s a pretty weak effort from a studio that has been trying to make a few extra bucks off the movie by showing it on its own on VOD, but it’s one that is worth watching.

You know that moment when you finally realize you’ve been watching Star Wars since it was first shown to you in the original 1977 trailer?

Yeah, that moment is here.

But this movie is so good, that you’re almost expecting it to be worse.

The Last Journey of Anakin Skywalker is a sequel to The Last Story of Obi-Wan Kenobi and is set in an alternate timeline, where the events of The Phantom Menace are still happening.

The film follows Anakin and Obi-wan’s adventures during the final days of the Galactic Empire, which include the fall of the Empire, the rise of a new Galactic Empire led by Darth Vader, and the eventual destruction of the original Empire.

In addition to a handful of prequel-like bits, The Last Song of Obi (2015) is an epic, epic, story-driven adventure that finds Obi-ganning as he attempts to save his beloved Padawan from a mysterious menace called The Dark Side of the Force.

That story is just as good, if not better, than The Last Movie of Obi Wan Kenobi, which is another great sequel to the original Trilogy.

And if you’re into the Dark Side and a Star Wars movie is the only thing on your mind, this is a must-watch.

It might not be the best movie of all time, but The Last Voyage of Anak Anakin is worth the price of admission.

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