How to watch ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ from India in 4K and 5K – video

India has announced it will become the first country in the world to broadcast the full episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 4k and 5k for the first time.

The new format will also feature subtitles, as well as a number of special effects. 

“Star Trek in 4ks and 5ks is a revolutionary and groundbreaking format for both entertainment and the visual experience, as it brings the best of our imagination to the screen in a highly immersive format,” said Rajiv Shukla, Chief Content Officer, Discovery Communications.

“This new format is the first step in the evolution of Star Wars, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness,” he added.

“Discovery Communications is excited to introduce this new format to Indian audiences, which will enable the most advanced and immersive experience available on a TV platform.”

Indian viewers will be able to watch the entire Star Trek series in 5K and 4K at the same time.

They will also be able see “the full history of Star Fleet, which is the largest in Starfleet history”, as well Star Trek’s original trilogy. 

In 4K, the episode will be in 1080p resolution with up to three times the resolution of its predecessor, which was previously seen in the series in the early 2000s.

In 5K, viewers will have the option to go from the previous episode to the new one in a fraction of a second. 

Star Trek’s latest entry, “Voyager”, will be shown in 1080i and 1080p, with both in a “high-quality, 4K-resolution format” according to Discovery Communications CEO and President of Content Marketing, Mike Hopkins.

“Voyagers” will be the first series to feature a 5K resolution, with the series set to be shown on CBS All Access, the online home of CBS All-Access and CBS Allformat in the United States. 

It will be followed by the “Vulcan” franchise in 5k and 4k, which are currently available only on CBS.

In addition to 4K/5K, Discovery has confirmed it is bringing back “Vikings” in a 1080i, 1080p and 568p format.

“Viking” will return for its fourth season in 2020. 

The series, which debuted on CBS in 2005, has been adapted to feature in various other formats, including 1080i on Netflix and 576p on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. 

Discovery has also confirmed a 5k/480p version of the show will be coming to Amazon Prime Video. 

Indian fans will also get the opportunity to watch “Star Trek” in 4:3 aspect ratio with the option of turning off the aspect ratio on the home screen. 

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