India ‘bizarre’ as film twist turns up in ‘Indians’ film

India’s director Anupam Khera has released a film twist in his latest film, “Indians.”

In the film, a man named Nandini, who is part of a tribe called the Vahikundi, who live on the southern coast of India, is kidnapped by the Indian Army and taken to the jungles of Nepal.

The film opens with Nandinis family traveling to the border of Nepal to reunite him with his wife and child.

However, the man is taken prisoner in the mountains of Nepal and Nandinos family is forced to trek to the Himalayas.

The family has to trek through the mountains, cross rivers, over waterfalls, and across a vast landscape.

The director says that the story of the film is a love story, which takes place in a jungle, and that Nandino is the “most beautiful and powerful man I have ever met.”

In his statement, Kheras family said that the film was based on his real life experiences, which include being kidnapped, being held captive, being abused and even being raped by the Indians.

The man’s wife said that she was not satisfied with the story she was told in the film.

The father of the Vohikundis mother, who was abducted by the Army and imprisoned, has also spoken out about the film in an interview with a news channel.

“Nandini was taken away from us as a child and we had no idea that he was kidnapped.

When we learned of his abduction, we were shocked,” the father said.

The boy’s mother said that Nanda had been abducted from his home in a village near the border with Nepal.

“I have no idea why we were forced to take him to Nepal,” the mother said.

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