What you need to know about Indias biggest movie to date

India’s biggest film, Miss India, has been in production for five years, but it is only due to the popularity of the new film on the box office, it will not be made available in cinemas.

However, the director Anurag Kashyap has reportedly agreed to make the film available on VOD.

The movie has been directed by Kashyab Prakash, who is also credited with directing the feature films by Anuradha Kapoor.

Prakash is also known for the films Mahabharata and The Golden Child.

In the film, Anuradhapuram (which is the title of the story) is an orphaned boy, who goes to a boarding school.

He encounters a man named Shastri, who teaches him the rules of chivalric love.

Prakash is known for his strong love for Indian cinema and his work is celebrated by filmmakers such as Prakaran, Anupam Kher, Raghavendra Chauhan, and others.

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