How the Bollywood Bollywood film is bringing in Rs 5 crore in its first two weeks of release in India

A new Bollywood movie titled The Bollywood Boys has just crossed the Rs 5 lakh crore mark in its opening week in India.

The film is a co-production between the studio, Paramount Pictures, and India’s leading producer and star, Salman Khan.

“This is the first Indian film to cross Rs 5,000 crore in a single week, which is quite a feat,” said a Paramount Pictures spokesperson.

“We’ve already sold more than 40,000 tickets in India, and we have a long road ahead to reach the target of 40,00 tickets sold.”

The film has sold a staggering 2.1 crore tickets to date.

The production team, including Salman Khan, had to adapt the story of two brothers who are the “biggest movie stars in India”.

This film has been directed by Dinesh D’Souza, who directed the hit film, Shah Rukh Khan’s Aaj Tak Hai Mushkil.

The first film, Salman, starred Anupam Kher, Bollywood veteran Shailaja Kapoor, and Dwayne Johnson.

In this film, the main characters are called “The Boys”.

The second film, The Boys 2, is directed by Khan, who also wrote and co-wrote the screenplay.

This film also stars Shailaj Kapoor and D’souza.

The B-sides are by actor Sajid Khan.

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