Chefs India ‘showing a lack of commitment to cooking food’

Chefs from India have been criticised for their lack of interest in cooking food in an episode aired on the Fox Sports channel.

A video uploaded on Friday shows Chefs Sushil Chatterjee and Arjan Srivastava at the Raj Gopalkrishnan Institute in Mumbai, showing them eating and not working.

They are seen walking towards a table with two plates on it, one containing rice and another containing a fish bowl.

A picture of the plates is then shown in which one plate contains rice and the other fish bowl, but no cooking was done. 

The episode is in the same vein as a recent episode which showed Chef Manoj Bhatt in India preparing a meal and not doing anything, and not eating the food. 

Chef Manoj also showed no interest in his meal at his restaurant in Mumbai.

The Chefs also say that there is no difference between cooking at home and cooking in restaurants, while the former is more efficient and economical.

Chefs from the UK have also been criticised in the past for not eating at home, but have also maintained that they don’t care.

In an article in the Times newspaper in March last year, the then chef at St. John’s University in the UK said he wanted to cook more at home.

He also said he felt the lack of attention was a sign of a lack the quality of his food.

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