Hindi indie film Dagit Indie Film to be released on IndiGo in 2019

Hindi indie filmmaker Dagit has written to Indi Go, the operator of the popular Go portal, asking for permission to release his upcoming film Dagits (Dagit-O) on the platform.

The film will be released via IndiGO in 2019.

Dagits will be the first Indian independent film to be published on Indiegogo and is directed by Aamir Khan.

It will be made in partnership with local film studio Nangluru and will be produced by a team from Nangliu.DAGIT is the story of an ordinary man whose life changes forever when he discovers the secrets of the underworld.

The film, which is also directed by Khan, follows the life of one man in the midst of a desperate battle to keep his family and the underworld from controlling his mind.DRAGIT will be shown in theaters and on Indigogo, where it has earned a staggering $15 million in its first two days of release.

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