Indian film stars with new face in new video

Indian film actress and comedian Rani Nair is set to reprise her role as the titular character in a new video for an online fashion label, which she co-founded with actor Rahul Kapoor.

The video for a line of clothing and footwear is being released on the Instagram account of IndiDollar, an online clothing retailer with a global reach, and was first spotted by Indian fashion journalist Arjun Gupta on Sunday.

The first-time film star and comedian, who is married to actor Kapoor, has appeared in a number of popular Indian films.

She first made headlines in 2011 when she appeared in the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Dhoom’ and later reprised the role in ‘Hoop Dreams’.

Nair has been involved in several TV shows including the popular series ‘Raji Mein’, and appeared in several films like ‘Bhoomi’ and ‘Bhoobah Bhaag’.

She is also a popular comedian in India and the world.

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