What did you think of ‘Indie Film?’

Indie film was trending on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, as people debated whether it should be a subject of conversation at a festival. 

The film has been lauded for its story of the struggle between the working class and their bosses, and its inclusion of a number of prominent figures from the mainstream movie industry.

But as many critics and filmmakers have argued, the film is not a feminist film.

It’s a documentary that, despite its feminist bent, is still focused on the lives of women. 

I thought it was a nice film to watch.

I thought it had a lot of great things to say about women in film, but the story was very specific.

I was surprised by how focused it was on the female lives of those in the film industry, but it also felt very American.

I liked the story of a group of young women who are living through a time of tremendous change and change in their lives.

The documentary was about them, about their struggles and their struggle to make it through that change.

But I was disappointed in the way it focused on its own story and not on the stories of other women who were living through similar challenges.

I was disappointed that the film didn’t talk about issues of gender in a way that was relevant to people in the audience.

I think the film does a really good job of showing that the women in the documentary were not the only women that lived in the industry and were facing the same issues as the other women.

I found it interesting that the documentary focused so much on women and its female cast members and the struggles of the women who made it in the movie industry, and not really on the issues of women and the people who were working in film and their lives as well.

I didn’t understand how filmmakers and filmmakers and actresses could be so focused on their own stories.

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