‘Nayak’ – Naysha ‘Misha’ Alvi

India has the second highest number of female filmmakers, with Nayak making the list, and the country is not far behind in terms of number of indie films.

Misha Alvi, who hails from India, is an actress who has been making a name for herself with her short films and feature films.

She is the youngest person ever to win the Padma Shri award, and is one of India’s top-rated directors.

Mishra Kapoor, who was also nominated, was named the ‘most talented Indian filmmaker of all time’ by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

Alvi was a director for the Indian film industry from 2006 to 2016.

The former actor and actress starred in several films including the Hindi movie ‘Bharat Ratna’ and the Indian remake of the popular Bollywood film ‘Chandler’.

She also had the distinction of winning the Padmanabhan award for best actress for her film ‘Lagaan’.

The list of films nominated by AMPs also includes ‘Naysha Alvi’, the second Indian film to be named a Padma award winner.

‘NAYAK’ is one such film.

The actress is also known for her films ‘Nayanam’, ‘Nyanam’ and ‘Nishwali’.

She has also won several awards for her acting including the Padmini award for outstanding actress.

The number of films on the list are in a similar order to the first year of the award, when India had one film in the top 10 and five in the bottom five.

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