Which movies will hit theaters on July 1?

Indian films, including a new romantic comedy, are set to hit the big screen this July.

The Hill’s Tom Deutsch reports.

The Big Sick is scheduled to open in India on July 5.

The film, starring Oscar winner and best-selling author Bishan Rai and starring Taran Singh, is being directed by Sajid Khetan, who helmed The King of Queens, and is co-writing with Darshan Bhattacharya.

It will mark the first Indian film to open at the box office in over a year, and the first non-English language film to do so.

India is currently one of the top five markets for Indian movies, with grosses of over $2.7 billion on an annual basis.

The Big Sick tells the story of two sisters (Bishan and Taran) who meet a beautiful Indian girl who happens to be a dancer.

The film is about a relationship between the two.

Indian films are also expected to get a boost this July as a slate of movies by international directors, including Lars von Trier, Martin Scorsese and Michael Mann.

The studio’s slate of foreign films also includes the British-produced The Shape of Water, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams, as well as the Japanese-made Jagged Little Pill, starring Amy Adams and Jared Leto, as the first two movies in the Japanese franchise.

Also on the horizon for July 1 is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, that will open on July 4.

The first two films in the franchise are set for release in July 2019 and July 2021.

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