Hollywood has given a $250 million grant to Indian film industry

Hollywood has awarded Indian film studio Gagan and film producer Kunal Bahl to $250,000 grants, as part of a major Hollywood investment aimed at boosting the film industry in India.

The Indian Film Industry Development Corporation (IGADC) on Friday announced the awards, which include a $100,000 award for “India’s Next Big Thing” and $50,000 for “An American Woman”, both directed by Gagan.

The film and television industry in the country has grown rapidly in recent years, and many have sought a role in the US in the fight against climate change.

India has been the target of international condemnation over its brutal treatment of protesters, its failure to enforce environmental regulations and its aggressive pursuit of the oil and gas sector.

The country also has the world’s second-largest population, after China, and the world is expected to see a record number of films in the next year.

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