Why are you scared of India’s big screen?

A new documentary by filmmaker and filmmaker Rajan Kumar on the impact of Hollywood films on the minds of Indian viewers has been screened in more than 100 theatres across India.

The film, dubbed India: The Films of Rajan, has been a hit in the country’s film festivals.

Kumar is known for his work on films such as “Mulayam Raj” and “Shinde”.

His latest film, “India: The Movies of Rajaan”, is a sequel to the 2011 film.

He hopes to see the film in cinemas across India and to have it screened in the US by next month.

“There’s a huge amount of people who are watching India’s films.

I think that’s very positive for the industry,” Kumar told the Times of India newspaper.”

I feel that it’s a sign of hope and optimism for the future of Indian cinema.”

Indias top-grossing films are largely based on the Tamil genre of Tamil cinema.

Its popularity is due in large part to the popularity of Tamil movies such as Bali Hai (2006), Kya Bharat (2010), and Kya Kya Hai (2013).

“It’s a very interesting story,” Kumar said.

“I am sure the next generation of Indian filmmakers are going to take a look at it.”

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