How to find your niche in indies


The world of indie films, especially the smaller, independent ones, is in flux.

In the last few years, there have been a slew of great indies that have been making waves and breaking out in a lot of countries.

The following list is by no means comprehensive, but it’s an attempt to compile some of the best indie films and filmmakers out there right now.1.

Dancer’s Den by Arundhati Roy2.

My Name Is You by Shailesh Dutt3.

The Last Laugh by Darshan Menon4.

The Devil’s Hands by Akshat Kapoor5.

The Girl Who Wasn’t There by Nima Nastase6.

Saffron Rose by Anushka Sharma7.

The End of the Tour by Sam Heughan8.

The Princess Bride by Wes Anderson9.

The Royal Tenenbaums by John Hughes10.

Drowned by Yvonne Strahovski11.

Little Brother by Julie Delpy12.

The Wedding Ringer by Seth Grahame-Smith13.

Anuja by Anupam Kher14.

The Other Side of the Wind by Paul Thomas Anderson15.

La La Land by Damien Chazelle16.

The BFG by Ryan Coogler17.

The Big Short by Michael Lewis18.

Black Swan by Brad Bird19.

The Fifth Estate by Oliver Stone20.

The Great Gatsby by Mark Wahlberg21.

Love and Friendship by Yash Chopra22.

My Favorite Things by Rebecca Solnit23.

A Separation by Sam Mendes24.

My People by David Mamet25.

A Very Murray Christmas by Simon Barrett26.

The Imitation Game by Wes Craven27.

The Artist by J.D. Salinger28.

The Good Dinosaur by Wes Ball 29.

Unfriended by Tom McCarthy30.

In My Place by Julie Taymor31.

Anomalisa by Ken Loach32.

An Inconvenient Truth by Julie Hagerty33.

The Woman in Black by Anastasia Strugatskaya34.

The Martian by Andy Weir35.

The Little Mermaid by Jaws 36.

The Jungle Book by Chris Columbus37.

The Wolf of Wall Street by Jay-Z38.

The Grand Budapest Hotel by Woody Allen39.

The King and I by Stephen King40.

The Secret Life of Pets by Peter Straub41.

The Red Turtle by Nick Hornby42.

The Theory of Everything by Steven Spielberg43.

The Tree of Life by James Patterson44.

A Bigger Splash by Tim Burton45.

The Book Thief by Richard Linklater46.

The Walk by John Waters47.

The Mummy Returns by Anthony Hopkins48.

A Star is Born by John Carpenter49.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Peter Jackson50.

The Lion King by Don Bluth51.

The Revenant by Francis Lawrence52.

Inside Out by Amy Schumer53.

The Handmaiden by Toni Collette54.

The Lady in the Water by Laura Dern55.

The Master by Tom Hardy56.

La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini57.

The Witch by Emma Donoghue58.

The Shape of Water by Scott Pilgrim59.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins60.

The Emoji Movie by Jaden Smith61.

The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino62.

The Internship by Alyssa Milano63.

The Neon Demon by James Ponsoldt64.

The Boss Baby by Amy Poehler65.

The Descendants by Kevin Hart66.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding by Paul F. Tompkins67.

The Lobster by David Fincher68.

The Fences by Aaron Sorkin69.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Jeff Nichols70.

The Perfect Guy by Sam Esmail71.

The Lego Movie by Matt Reeves72.

The Invisible Woman by Gaby Hoffmann73.

The Place Beyond the Pines by John Green74.

The Unfinished Swan by John Hillcoat75.

The Room by Daniel Craig76.

The Manchurian Candidate by Jules and Paul 77.

The Sisters Brothers by John Williams78.

The Winter Soldier by Joe Johnston79.

The Black List by Joe Swanberg80.

The Blind Side by John Grisham81.

The Librarians by Anne Rice82.

The Legend of Tarzan by Stanley Kubrick83.

The Lone Ranger by Sam Raimi84.

The Lost City of Z by Akira Kurosawa85.

The Disaster Artist by Quentin Rilke86.

The Danish Girl by Lars von Trier87.

The Babadook by Charlie Kaufman88.

The Cowspiracy by Neil Gaiman89.

The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan90.

The Nice Guys by Judd Apatow91.

The LEGO Movie by Peter Molyneux92.

The Queen of Katwe by Mimi Leder93.

The Wind Rises by Jocko Willink94

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