Gazab: A Movie About Indie Film Distribution

Gazabs indie film distribution arm has just received its latest batch of funding from the Indian Film Certification Board (IFCB).

The funding was announced by Indira Gandhi International Film Certification (IGIC), an independent film certification body, on Tuesday.

The IFCB had also earlier announced that it had granted Gazab Film Certification the option of applying for a licence for distribution of its film through a non-profit organisation.IGIC, which has received funding from several private and public sector entities including Indias largest private investor, Reliance Industries, had earlier in the year given the green light to GazabFilm.

It also stated that Gazab will be able to launch a non commercial film distribution service.

The company has been running a service since May 2017 that offers movie rental and other services for indies filmmakers.

It has received the backing of the Indias most prominent film distributor, Viacom.

Earlier this year, the company had launched a non profit organisation to offer film rental and distribution.

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