Why are Indian films so bad?

Film lovers are used to seeing a wide range of genres from romantic comedies and westerns to dark and gritty dramas and even a few horror films.

The problem, however, is that films tend to be bland and often uninspiring.

The latest Indian film to make this point is Diljale.

The film is directed by Prasad Dhuriya and stars Shahnawaz Hussain, Gautam Dhillon, Rishi Kapoor, Prabhat Kapoor and Anjali Mukherjee.

Diljole is a romantic comedy in which a boy, Jeevan, falls in love with a girl named Karima.

When the boy’s father comes home with the news that his son is in love, the two decide to go out for a drink in the afternoon.

They find a beautiful woman and fall in love.

However, the film is also a dark and grubby tale about a family of thieves and thieves-like criminals.

Jeevan’s parents are greedy, violent and are the only ones in the family who care for their son.

Karima, meanwhile, is a beautiful young girl who seems to be following her dreams.

However things get complicated when the father decides to go on a business trip and the two begin to get entangled in a corrupt mafia.

Jeesan’s father is a rich man and his brother is a notorious drug dealer.

Both of them are criminals who steal and murder.

Karim and Jeevans mother has a heart of gold, and Karima is the perfect victim for her husband.

In fact, they even marry in the name of love, and the film’s script is full of love-driven love stories.

The film is a great success, but is it really a good film?

The film doesn’t really offer much in the way of drama or action.

In spite of its dark and grim tones, the movie is a joy to watch.

However it is a film that will not please the mainstream cinema audience.

The plot is a typical Indian one and it feels as though the filmmakers have simply left everything out and forgotten what the Indian cinema is all about.

The story is a little confusing at times, but it never seems to get in the thick of the plot.

It is a good thriller, but not a gripping one.

The cinematography is good but the cinematography in general is not up to par.

The sound design is fine and it is easy to follow and appreciate the music throughout the film.

The only redeeming feature of the film, which I think will appeal to a wide audience, is its cinematography.

It provides a clear sense of scale and space.

The visuals are bright and vivid and the music is catchy.

The dialogue is also very clear and the voice acting is strong.

This is one of the better films from the group and it should be seen by both mainstream audiences and those who are interested in Hindi films.

It might even attract some foreign audiences too.

The movie is not a bad film by any means.

However the film suffers from one of its biggest problems.

The lack of characterisation and direction.

The screenplay is full to the brim with love and violence and the characters are just generic.

I do think the plot will appeal mostly to the hardcore film fans, but the characters feel as though they are just there for the sake of the action.

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