Bollywood star Leela Bhasin ‘disliked’ for being ‘tough’ on rape victim

Posted January 04, 2020 17:01:16Leela Bhaisin is reportedly one of the most outspoken critics of rape culture in Hollywood and for her outspokenness she has been a target of abuse.

Bhaisins response to rape and assault allegations against Hollywood producer Brett Ratner was also controversial.

Ratner was accused of rape in 2013, but the allegations were later dropped.

Ratney and Bhaiser allegedly told Bhaishin that if she was raped she should have no part in it, according to a complaint she filed against Ratner.

Ratners alleged she told him: ‘If I was raped I would have to die.’

Bhaiser, a British actress, was also accused of making up stories about sexual assault, but she was never charged with rape.

A spokeswoman for Bhaisalin said she was unaware of any of the allegations against her.’

Bhasin does not believe any of these allegations.

We are confident that her integrity and integrity is protected and protected in the film industry as we have never had any complaints against her for her work.’

She was only made aware of the details of the rape allegation and she was very grateful for the fact that we were able to protect her.’

Bhasins lawyer, Michael O’Connell, said Bhaiselins reputation was at stake and that her allegations would be dealt with seriously.’

We have to deal with all the facts, not just a story of what happened, but how she reacted and how she has dealt with the matter,’ he said.’

Leela’s reputation is at stake in this case.

It will be the case that she will be facing some very serious legal action if she is found guilty of the alleged crime.’

If she is not found guilty, it is her reputation and reputation will be at risk and we will have to consider that with respect to her future work.’

The complaint filed by Bhaisa is the latest in a string of allegations against Bhasis character.

In December, the actor and her then husband, actor Rajesh Kumar, were sued by a woman who said they had sex with her when she was 16.

The allegations against Ratners alleged rape and he said Bhasins response was ‘a disgrace’.

Ratner, who has been married to Bhaises wife since 2013, has denied the allegations.

The Australian Press is not naming the woman who filed the complaint as she was not granted anonymity.

Ratning and Bhasistins daughter are currently on an Australian tour promoting her upcoming film The Last Girl, which has been filmed in India.

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