‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Arrested for Rape

Indian police arrested a woman and a man on Friday for allegedly raping a man in an Indian film festival.

The woman, a 35-year-old journalist, and the man, a 39-year of his senior, were arrested on suspicion of raping a 26-year old woman, police officials said in a statement.

The woman and the 37-year woman were taken to the Indira Gandhi International Film Festival in Kolkata.

The two men, both residents of Karnataka state, were taken for questioning, police said.

The incident took place at a venue for films and shows in the city, which is famed for its film festival scene.

The victim was taken to hospital where she was treated for serious injuries, police added.

The case comes at a time of growing concern about rape in India, with the government seeking to curb it and women demanding justice.

The rape case is the latest in a spate of recent incidents of sexual violence in India.

In December, a 21-year.-old woman was gang raped by three men in Bangalore.

Earlier this month, an Indian teenager was raped by four men, one of whom was convicted for the attack, but released after posting bail.

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