Man who posted online ‘fraud’ claims he ‘filed hundreds of fraud cases’

Man who published a video of himself on social media claiming he was a film producer and filmmaker for Indian films is facing multiple fraud and copyright claims, according to an Indian film website.

The man who posted the video, Manoj Mishra, claims to be a producer and director of films in India.

However, he is now facing several copyright and copyright infringement claims, including claims of fraud and false advertising, according the website.

In the video he claims to have filed thousands of cases against film producers and directors for copyright infringement.

He is currently under arrest and has already been taken to a court in Chennai for questioning, the website said.

According to a Facebook post by the Indian Film Council, Mishra is the founder and president of a film festival called The Indian Film Festival, which is based in Mumbai.

In one of his posts on the website, MishRA claimed he had filed “hundreds of cases in the past year against film directors” for copyright and trademark infringement.

However, the posts have since been deleted and his Facebook page has been deactivated.

MishRA is the second Indian to have published a similar video, claiming he had “filed tens of thousands of criminal cases against the producers of movies in India” and was currently under police investigation.

He was also arrested for allegedly making false claims in an online video and for violating the country’s Copyright Act.

The video of MishRA appeared in February.

He has previously appeared in several other videos, some of which have been deleted.

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