Indias film devdasa festival ‘very positive’

India’s film devDasa festival in Delhi has been extremely positive with more than 20,000 films screened from 10 festivals across the country and more than 30,000 exhibitors signing up to the event.

However, festival director Javed Shah said he was “not too concerned” that the event would be affected by the ongoing Kashmir dispute.

“We are happy with the festival that we are having,” he said.

“I don’t think it will affect the festival, I think it has been a very positive one.

I have seen a lot of good films and I have a lot more to look forward to.”

Film festival director Rajiv Bhushan also said the festival had become the most successful event in the country’s history with “more than 100,000 people coming to watch films”.

“It has been very successful and the success is because it has not been a single film that has been banned,” he told AFP news agency.

“It’s all in the film industry.

It’s a big industry and it is not the first time this happens in India.”

The festival has also brought together artists from all over the world including British actor Russell Crowe, French film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Italian filmmaker Mario Bava.

“I don´t know what to expect, but I hope it’s good,” said Bava, who has worked on films such as The Fifth Element, The Seventh Day and The Fountainhead.

“The whole country is looking forward to it,” he added.

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