Indie Film Owners of the World: Indie Film Investors – A Conversation

The Indie Film Investors’ Association, a new business network founded by film industry players, aims to help them make a better financial decision for their films and to help new investors navigate the industry’s confusing rules.

The association, which includes the film industry’s biggest names, is looking to broaden its reach beyond the films industry by offering more options to investors.

The association is also looking to help existing investors make a more informed investment decision.

Indie Film Owners’ Association president Anjali Sharma said: ‘We believe in the idea that an independent investor is an investor that understands the value of the films they invest in and is committed to making the investments in a sustainable way.’

She said it was important for investors to understand how the industry operates.

Indie film studios are struggling to cope with a glut of films.

In 2017, the number of films released by independent film companies dropped by more than 10% compared to the previous year.

There are more than 50 independent film studios and a few more are under construction.

One of the main reasons for the glut is that the industry has been forced to cut costs and the number in production is dropping.

Indies are finding it difficult to make money.

They are also not as well represented in the film market as they would like.

As part of the effort, the association has launched the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for the purpose of getting people to back independent film investments.

It will be launched later this year.

Sharma said the association was trying to raise money to help people make better financial decisions for their investments.

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