How to make the perfect indie film for the big screen

The latest film to be shot in the traditional way is Daybreak, an indie film about a group of nomadic hunters on the coast of the southern Indian Ocean.

The film stars the likes of Dax Shepard and Michael Kwan, who play the roles of the nomadic group’s nomads, who go on a hunt in search of fish to sell to traders.

The nomads are hunted by the hunters in an effort to make money, and the film, which is a prequel to the recent blockbuster The Hunt for Red October, is set in a fictional city on the Indian Ocean called Vibola.

The story, written by veteran cinematographer Josh Pender, is loosely based on the life of one of the group’s hunters, who is shot dead by the nomads.

The documentary crew travelled to Vibolas city to record its life on film, including interviews with the nomad hunters, locals and the locals themselves.

It’s an extremely personal film that’s driven by the characters’ experiences of living and hunting in the sea and the dangers they face.

Daybreak was shot in Vibolan in March, but Pender is working on a second version.

The cinematographers are looking to make Daybreak a film of the heart, rather than a film that is shot for a commercial audience.

Daybreakers production company, Naihara Films, is currently looking to release the film in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“We wanted to make it a film about the community of Vibolans and the importance of the food they eat and the stories that are told,” Pender told The Guardian.

“It’s not a documentary about us, it’s not about us as a crew, it is a film for people to look at and relate to.”

The film will focus on the story of the hunter’s daughter, who has a son named Rhett, who joins the nomaders on their hunt, as well as a younger son named Sam, who also joins the hunt.

“The film will also be about the relationship that we have with the people we hunt and the wildlife we encounter,” Penders said.

“And it’s a film where you can see that the nomader life has changed quite dramatically, and that they have changed.

They’ve gone from being nomads to hunters.”

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