FourFour Two – A movie app for all

A movie apps company is hoping to turn the movie app into a film production company, with the aim of creating a film database that can be shared across studios and producers.

FourFourTwo, based in India, has announced the launch of a movie app, dubbed ‘FourFour’, that allows users to browse and buy movies, and can be used as a shared platform for producers and actors to create and distribute content.

The app has been developed by the film producer Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Achiran’ team and is expected to launch in the next few months.

Bachchan is also set to appear in a new film, ‘Porgy and Bess’, and the app will allow users to buy tickets for the film’s world premiere.

FourFour’s founders, Ashok Kumar and Vinod Gupta, have also been working on the app for several years.

“Our aim is to help producers and filmmakers get together and collaborate on their movies.

We want to be a platform that provides filmmakers, producers and cinematographers with a complete database of all the films and movies they have made.

It will be a great platform for them to share their work, and a good place for them and their audiences to find out more about each other’s movies,” said Kumar, a senior director at FourFour.

The founders also said the app would also help film studios and actors make more money by allowing them to access and promote films.

“The goal is to get producers and film studios together to work together on a common vision and to create an ecosystem for filmmaking.

This is a new way for producers to connect and collaborate,” said Gupta, adding that FourFour is also planning to open up its platform to third parties who want to use it.

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