Indian film boss says movie will be in theaters in 2019

Indian film mogul Mohra Mohra said he would be ready to open a cinema in 2019, adding that the first film in 2019 would be his last.

Mr Mohra, who has a long-running franchise of Hindi films, said he had been given a green light by the Film Development Corporation (FDC) to open cinema in Delhi.

He also said that the film will be his final project and that he would not return to India to pursue film work.

“We are working on the film and will soon announce the film’s title.

This is the last film I have in my heart,” Mr Mohra told reporters in Mumbai.”

I have been working for 25 years on films, I would not be happy if I was not making movies, he said.

He said he was working on a film called The King of Kings which he has not seen.

Mr Mahra, 70, has a sprawling empire that spans films including The King Of Kings, Mahaalaxmi, Mahabharata and Bhaiyaprakash.

He was born in Mumbai in 1934 and was educated at the National Film Institute of India (NFII) before moving to London in 1961 to work on films.

His film career has spanned four decades.

He directed films such as A Beautiful Life and The Life Of Babu, and starred in a series of TV shows.

The director also co-founded the National Theatre Company of India, and he was the first director to make films based on Indian classics.

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